Missions for ROBOGEAR game system of Tehnolog Ltd.

Dear players!

Tehnolog Ltd has announced a competition in creating scenarios of missions for ROBOGEAR game system (you can read and download the rules at the site and also find them in all ROBOGEAR game sets). All who wish can take part in the competition. You will choose the winner yourself! Besides a prize, the winners mission will be placed at the site in the Missions and Campaigns section along with the winners name.

The competition conditions:
To take part in the competition, you should send your mission to our mailbox: konkurs_mission@robogear.ru

The mission should contain the following information:

1. The description of the mission (the objectives of the opposing sides).
2. The size of the battlefield and its features (existing of buildings and terrain).
3. The initial allocation of the forces.
4. The cost and composition of the forces.
5. The conditions for the victory.
6. A battle report (advisable).

Legal matters:

Tehnolog Ltd assumes the right for the further use of the missions.
All mission materials will be checked before placing them at the site.
Authors transfer the right for using their works at the belonging to Tehnolog Ltd site www.robogear.ru. Tehnolog Ltd does not bear the responsibility for the contents of the works sent in the competition or their use by third parties.

Instructions for adding the mission to the competition:
  • To add your mission click the button Add the Mission, doing so you agree with the conditions of the competition and accept them.
  • In your mail writer, you should insert konkurs_mission@robogear.ru into the line "To" and your name and the name of the mission into the line "Subject".
  • The text of the mission can be sent in the body of the letter or attached to the letter together with the scheme of the sides allocation.
  • Drawings and photos are accepted in *.jpg, *.gif, *.bmp formats.
  • Archives are accepted in *.rar, *.zip formats.
Discussing and voting:

  • To proceed to discussing of missions click the button Missions on the Forum you will get to the forum where the sent for the competition missions will be placed.

  • To vote or to make your comments you should register yourself.

  • Only registered users can vote.

  • Each user can vote once for 1 mission! You can also comment your decision.

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