These are your first steps in this universe. The detailed manual with pictures will help you to easily understand and learn the basic principles and rules of the game. Just look, how it is simple and pleasing to play ROBOGEAR. There are no vast rules and unintelligible names. Everything is simple, fascinating and fast. Your success depends only on your will to victory!!! Have a little luck and you are the winner!!!

Preparing to play
Before you start playing ROBOGEAR BATTLE, assemble your armies.
Before assembling, separate the parts from the frame. Be careful not to injure yourself.
Any model or figure is easily assembled in a few minutes. The assembling is made without gluing - just snap the parts together until it clicks.
The models are ready.
Miniatures can be painted with any model paints. We recommend acrylic model paints - they are diluted with water and last for a long time
Show your imagination and your models will look very spectacular.
Before starting the game you should place buildings and your armies on the table.
Machines should be placed on the "ground".
Troopers can be placed on the buildings

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