How to play
These are your first steps in this universe. The detailed instruction with photos will help you to understand and learn the main principals and regulations of the game. Jus look how it is easy and captivating to play ROBOGEAR. There are no rules in many volumes and obscure notions. Everything is simple, interesting and fast. Your success depends only on your talents!!!
In this section you will find the base rules of the ROBOGEAR game. They are simple and well illustrated. Just study them to play better. If you want to complicate the game, you can find addition rules in the "Down load" sector and new ideas in ROBOGEAR club where you with your associates can develop the game for yourselves.

Robogear comes alive in your mobile phone!!!
Nival Interactive issued ROBOGEAR game for mobile phones!!!
Here you will find the description of the game and which telephones support this game. You also can learn where and how you can get ROBOGEAR for your mobile phone.

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