Fast Assault

Empire Polaris forces have been sent to the planet of Sigma 6i to scout out a possible new advanced listening post. Defensive buildings had been assembled and scouting parties sent out. It was on the 4th day of the mission that the Trade Protectorate force showed up and assaulted the Empire position.
The objective of this game is to smash the enemy. Both sides will play until their opponent either A) Quits or B) Has no figures or vehicles left on the table!
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Capture the Flag

The symbol "F" on the map means "flag" that should be captured by the player commanding the Empire forces. The flag is located on top the building of assembled of HEXAGON and to consider the flag captured an Empire trooper must touch it.
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Exclusion Zone

In recent months the Trade Protectorate has lost many of its convoys to surprise attacks by Mercenary ships its leaders have elected to despatch a scout unit, under the command of a veteran commander, to the planet Seti Largus. Having established a secure base on the Seti Largus the Trade Protectorate commander has found what his orders demanded he unearth – a long range beacon that has been used by the Empire Polaris to track spacecraft movement along the edge of Disputed Space.
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