Werewolf / walking tank
  Assault armored machine
  Assault walking tank
 Developer: RoboGear Industries, Angerran
 Monoblock:    RM-1
 Mass:   4.7 tons
 Crew:    1 person
   -- Twin six-barreled automatic cannon Gutling Mk20.
   -- Battle claw.
   -- Battle fist-manipulator.
1   Manipulator servo-motor
2   Manipulator joint
3   Armored shield of sensors
4   Cannon power cable
5   Leg hydraulic drive
6   Reactor radiator

Description / application in missions

It is the first Protectorate production walking tank of general-purpose. Though Werewolf can be applied in ant kind of combat, it is indispensable for assault units during break-through fortified areas and street fighting.

Werewolf became the first serial walking tank of the Protectorate designed with the monoblock. As soon as half a year after the successful debut of the makeshift walking tanks of RoboGear Industries on the planet Angerran, the first specimen of Werewolf went out for field tests. The base of its construction, the monoblock RM-1 doesnt differ much from the monoblocks of those hurriedly reequipped machines, which went into action on the ruins of the RoboGear Industries complex. RM-1 has the same reactor, the same gyrostabilization and life-support systems. Its hull was a little reinforced owing to titan-ceramic armor and fire control systems were also added. The Protectorate armed forces ordered several hundreds of Werewolves at once. The delivered tanks were committed to battle immediately. The first clashes with the opponent showed that the walking tanks were indispensable for defensive, offensive and maneuverable combat. However very soon, the largest imperfection of this machine became apparent the shortage of firepower. Walking tanks didnt have to act among the ruins of industrial zones in the chaos of metal and concrete constructions where heavy manipulators of Werewolf could really come in handy. But if a battle took place on open terrain, there was little use of such mechanical weapons. And the firepower of the only six-barreled cannon was obviously not enough. There appeared a lot of reequipped Werewolves. These walking tanks were reequipped just in front-line units took away the claws and fist-manipulators and replaced them with infantry machine-guns, energy cannons taken off assault-boats, light missile launchers and even fire-throwers. But when the Empire committed to battle the first walking tanks, the advantages of the mechanical weapons, Werewolf was richly equipped with, made themselves felt immediately. Just at that time, the term assault walking tank appeared at first the machines equipped mainly with the close combat weapons were called so. Though Werewolf was the very first model of walking tanks, it is been producing to present day. Special assault units and divisions of engineering support for combating inside towns and making breaches in enemy fortifications are arranged.

The armament of the walking tank Werewolf:

-- Twin six-barreled automatic cannon of 20 mm caliber Gutling Mk20. This design was developed still before pre-space epoch and it is successfully applied until now. It is used as a standard weapon for various types of fighting machines. The automatic cannon has a high damaging effect at short and medium distances. This cannon is insufficiently effective at long ranges. This cannon is produced by Solar Guns & Cannons Industries under the trademark Gutling Mk20.
-- Battle claw. The Protectorate machines are equipped with this combat device. Originally it was designed as a means of clearing away obstructions and cutting metal constructions, but not as a weapon.
-- Battle fist-manipulator. This is the most effective manipulator of close combat. This huge hydraulic hand is able to clench fist or to grasp the opponent.

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