Tornado / caterpillar machine
  Assault armored machine
  Assault caterpillar machine
 RoboGear Industries, Angerran  Monoblock:    RM-2
 Mass:   4.7 tons
 Crew:    1 person
   -- Twin six-barreled automatic cannon of 20 mm caliber Gutling Mk20.
   -- Battle claw.
   -- Circular saw.
1   Shoulder booster
2   Hydro-mechanical joint
3   Locator casing
4   Air inlet
5   Rotary sensor block

Description / application in missions

This caterpillar machine was developed for close combat and breaking through defensive installations. Tornado is slower than well-known Werewolf, but it has high durability and firepower, which ensure it a permanent place in mobile assault groups.

Many military specialists tend to consider Tornado as a caterpillar analogue of the walking tank Werewolf. Created only three months later, this machine was intended to fulfill practically the same tasks close combat and overcoming fortification lines. However doubled, in comparison with the walking tank, Tornados artillery armament delivered this machine from the main defect of Werewolf insufficient firepower. Its reinforced armor, serious firepower and close combat weapons make Tornado a dangerous opponent both at short distances and in close combat. Tornado became indispensable for clearing obstructions, destroying artificial obstacles and other field-engineer works. Some specialists refer Tornado to the class of engineering tanks. Just as such it is used more and more often. However one episode of the battle for Velian is well known. A squad of three Tornados took their stand among the ruins of an apartment house. Using the manipulators of their machines, the pilots arranged reliable covers of concrete fragments and reinforcement bars. When the opponent came close enough, the squad opened drumfire of six auto-cannons at once. Parapets, obstructions and also the extraordinarily low silhouette of the machines provided Tornados excellent protection. Reliably covered from the enemys fire Tornado fired back till they had ammunition. Only in three hours the Empire armored division supported by three companies of clone-infantry could move forward, but they occupied only empty emplacements! Undamaged Tornados retreated, replenished their ammunition and having arrange new covers entered the battle again. Tornados were actively applied during the final phase of the Third Wave of the Empire Invasion. Especially well they showed themselves in street fighting and breaching the fortifications on Velian.

The armament of the assault caterpillar machine Tornado:

-- Twin six-barreled automatic cannon of 20 mm caliber Gutling Mk20. This is one of the most widespread models of artillery armament in the Galaxy. This design was developed still before pre-space epoch and it is successfully applied until now. It is used as a standard weapon for various types of fighting machines. Tornado carries two such cannons on a common ring mount, which allows to fire on 360 degree.
-- Battle claw. The Protectorate machines are equipped with this combat device. Originally it was designed as a means of clearing away obstructions and cutting metal constructions, but not as a weapon.
-- Circular saw. Fighting machines of the Protectorate and the Empire are equipped with various types of battle saws. This weapon is of average effectiveness.

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