T-Rex / walking tank
  Assault armored machine
  Assault walking tank
 Developer: RoboGear Industries, Angerran
 Monoblock:    PM-2
 Mass:   5.4 tons
 Crew:    1 person
   -- Two super-heavy machine-guns Typhoon S&W Mk40.
   -- Two missile launchers Harpoon for unguided missiles Mk12.
1   Tactical intercommunication antenna
2   Reactor armored casing
3   Cooling system radiator
4   Reactor radiator
5   Passive scanner block
6   Access plate to reactor
7   Access plate to electronic block
8   Sole power drive

Description / application in missions

It is considered the most successful walking tank of wars against the Empire. Every appearance of well-armored and perfectly armed T-Rexes on the battlefield horrified both enemy pilots and infantrymen. T-Rexes took an active part in the campaign on Rusty Splinter and showed themselves excellently in the battle for Teclius.

The Empire walking tanks showed their effectiveness in combat. The tactic of encounter battle based on smashing firepower and strong armor of the assault walking tanks brought victories to the Empire troops time and again. Having learnt the bitter lessons of their defeats, the Protectorate military set their designers a task to create a fighting machine of the same class and similar characteristics. The new machine should excel the opponents walking tanks. The new assault tank was developed in a special design office of RoboGear Industries and after strict field tests was added to the Protectorate Military Space Forces arsenals. So the new walking tank T-Rex appeared in the regular units and soon was recognized as the most successful model of armored machines of the new generation. The designers and military experts coped with their task brilliantly. The new tank carried reinforced armor and simple, but very effective weapons. A new type of super-heavy machine-gun was designed specially for this machine. T-Rex was also equipped with two standard missile launchers Harpoon. Very soon after the first skirmishes with the new walking tanks, the Empire commanders realized that the best way to defeat T-Rexes was to ambush or to attack them out of a cover these new fighting machines usually came out victor in encounter attacks. This machine didnt take part in many large battles of the final period of the war, though several episodes of its combat application are far-famed. It is known for sure that a company of T-Rexes took active part in the campaign on Rusty Splinter (on the side of the rebels). Besides, several divisions of T-Rexes belonged to the robo-technical corps of Iron General fought in the battle for Teclius.

The armament of the assault walking tank T-Rex:

-- Two super-heavy machine-guns of 40 mm caliber Typhoon Mk40. The super-heavy machine-gun was designed specially for T-Rex by a famous in the Protectorate Smith & Wesson Altair Company. This is extremely powerful weapon intended specially for fighting against armored targets. The super-heavy machine-gun fires with reinforced armor-piercing shells. Such a shell has a hard core of depleted uranium so when it hits a target, it pierce almost all types of armor. The armor-piercing effect of this new weapon is so high that it compares well with some cannons.
-- Two missile launchers Harpoon for unguided missiles Mk12. In contrast to complex and expensive self-guided missiles, the missiles Mk12 have no guidance system. A gunner points them at a target like a cannon with the help of a telescopic sight. These missiles are widespread all over the Galaxy and produced both in the Protectorate and the Empire. At first it was planned to equip T-Rexes with heavy self-guided missiles, but the cheapness and availability of missiles Mk12 made the designers to choose just them. Commanders of raid groups, who often had to use captured ammunition, appreciated this choice more than others.

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