Predator / walking tank
  Ordinary armored machine
  Ordinary walking tank
RoboGear Industries, Angerran  Monoblock:    RM-1
 Mass:   4.3 tons
 Crew:    1 person
   -- Twin missile launcher War-Dog for heavy self-guided missiles Mk11.
   -- Laser gun Light Sword LG-25.
   -- Plasma gun Dragon Fire PGM-13 Mk1.
1   Cockpit lid
2   Reactor cooling gills
3   Protective casing of leg drive
4   Leg booster block

Description / application in missions

The Protectorate engineers developed Predator wishing to combine the great firepower of Hurricane and the maneuverability of Werewolf. Having a comparable with Werewolf price, Predator is less armored, but its maneuverability and armament allow it to successfully attack and destroy targets, which seemed inaccessible before.

Predator is an ordinary walking tank of the monoblock construction. The first Protectorate walking tank Werewolf gave a good account of itself, so the monoblock of RM-1 type also served as a basis for Predator. But to the contrast to Werewolf that carried mainly mechanical weapons, Predators arsenal was selected counting on the battle at medium ranges. The Protectorate troops required a fighting machine suitable for raid operations, when an assault group had to act under the condition of severe shortage of ammunition. And Predator became this machine. It was equipped with energy weapons, which didnt require for any allowance of ammunition. As a result there appeared a menacing fighting machine. Its firepower allowed Predator to dominate on the battlefield and owing to energy cannons it didnt loose its effectiveness even when its stock of heavy missiles was over. However its armor had to be reduced a little in comparison with Werewolf. Predators became especially popular during the Raid War raid group commanders rated highly the fact that these machines didnt require heavy and bulky allowance of ammunition taking much room in small holds of raiders. Moreover raid groups had often to act in vacuum and there energy weapons worked especially well. So Predator became the favorite machine of raiders and its production was increasing constantly. Even its uncertain and hard in maintenance laser gun couldnt affect the popularity of this walking tank.

The armament of the ordinary walking tank Predator:

-- The laser gun Light Sword LG-25, produced by Centaurus Energy Magnetic Technologies Co. This gun hits the target with a high-energy beam of coherent light. The lasers beam smelts armor, burns down inner equipment, kills crews of fighting machines and infantry. The effect of a laser shot doesnt depend on the distance. This weapon inflicts the same damage on the target at short, medium and long distances. The laser gun is more effective than a machine-gun and it is a good supplement to heavy armament.
-- Plasma gun Dragon Fire PGM-13 Mk1, produced by Star Fire Industries Corporation. This gun fires with a clot of high-temperature plasma enclosed into a magnetic cocoon. Its damaging action is a combination of the explosion power and the tremendous temperature of plasma flash. In contrast to a conventional cannon, the plasma gun doesnt require any ammunition. The unique design of Dragon Fire allows increasing its output when the power coming to it from the reactor increases.
-- Twin missile launcher War-Dog for heavy self-guided missiles Mk11. At medium and long distances heavy missiles are reliable and powerful weapon that served the reputation of Robot Killer. The Protectorate model of these missiles and the missile launcher were designed and produced by General Rocketry Tiranon Corporation.

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