Hurricane / caterpillar machine
  Ordinary armored machine
  Ordinary caterpillar machine
RoboGear Industries, Angerran  Monoblock:    RM-1
 Mass:   4.3 tons
 Crew:    1 person
   -- Twin missile launcher Long Bow Mk25.
   -- Six-barreled machine-gun Vulcan Mk29.
   -- Twin six-barreled automatic cannon Gutling Mk20.
1   Manipulator servo-motor
2   Monoblock RM-1
3   Reactor control block
4   Cannon power cable

Description / application in missions

It is a caterpillar fighting machine with amazing firepower. Hurricane is often used as a fire support vehicle of attack, however it can successfully carry out defensive functions two automatic cannons, twin missile launcher and six-barreled machine-gun build up an insuperable wall of defensive fire in the way of the enemy.

Hurricane is an ordinary caterpillar fighting machine built on the basis of the monoblock RM-1. Most often this machine is used for fire support of walking tanks. Its twin missile launcher and six-barreled machine-gun Vulcan provide Hurricane with very large firepower. The cross-country ability of caterpillar fighting machines is not sufficient on a hard terrain, so usually one or two Hurricanes support with their fire the advanced group of walking tanks of the Werewolf type aspiring to impose on the enemy close combat. Such a combination is considered typical in the Protectorate armored forces. For the first time, Hurricanes were applied in combat several months before the battle on Velian. Just on Velian this machine together with its predecessor Tornado gained their deserved popularity.

The armament of the ordinary caterpillar machine Hurricane:

-- Twin six-barreled automatic cannon of 20 mm caliber Gutling Mk20. This is one of the most widespread models of artillery armament in the Galaxy. This design was developed still before pre-space epoch and it has been successfully applied until now. It is used as a standard weapon for various types of fighting machines. The automatic cannon has a high damaging effect at short and medium distances. This cannon is insufficiently effective at long ranges. Hurricane carries two such cannons on a common ring mount, which allows to fire on 360 degree. This cannon is produced by Solar Guns & Cannons Industries under the trademark Gutling Mk20.
-- Twin missile launcher Long Bow Mk25, produced by General Rocketry Tiranon Corporation. This missile launcher has a specific construction and is used only by the Protectorate army. It represents two greatly modified guided aircraft missiles Crossbow Mk24, which are mounted on a common launching frame. The guidance system of Crossbow was substituted for a cheaper one, so due to this fact these missiles are not very accurate at long distances. But at the same time they are able to hit close targets quite well.
-- Six-barreled machine-gun of 7.62 mm caliber Vulcan Mk29, produced by Solar Guns & Cannons Industries. Vulcan is an infantry machine-gun modified for mounting on armored machines. Six barrels combined in a single packet and revolved by an electric motor are supplied from two box-shaped magazines. The pilot can switch the feeding of the machine-gun between these magazines (as a rule, one of which is charged with armor-piercing cartridges and the other one is charged with incendiary cartridges). Earlier similar models were also used for arming various armored machines. Vulcan has good characteristics especially for short and medium distances. It is ineffective at long ranges. The usage of special armor-piercing cartridges allows this machine-gun to attack lightly armored machines, especially at short ranges.

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