Gryphon / walking tank
 Class:   Ordinary armored machine
 Type:   Ordinary walking tank
RoboGear Industries, Angerran  Monoblock:    Prototype
 Mass:   3.8 tons
 Crew:    1 person
   -- Twin missile launcher Halberd for unguided missiles Mk12.
   -- Laser gun Light Sword LG-25.
   -- Plasma gun Dragon Fire PGM-13 Mk1.
   -- Three-barreled light machine-gun Mk56 Triplet.
1   Monoblock prototype
2   Support leg joint
3   Protective casing of leg drive
4   Reactor
5   Sensor block

Description / application in missions

It is a quick, light and at the same time well-armed walking tank. Gryphon is perfect for conducting flash-like raids into the enemy's rear. It is often used for patrolling vast territories. Its only flaw is weak armor, so the tank cannon stand heavy fire very long.

Having suffered a smashing defeat in the First Wave of the Empire Intrusion, the Protectorate authorities thought hard about the causes of their misfortune. It was considered that one of the causes was the lack of a fighting machine, which would surpass in its characteristics the Empire Raptor. Available to the troops Bronekhod couldnt compete with the enemy tankette as equals. Especially when Raptors outnumbered. RoboGear Industries (Angerran) received an order for designing a walking machine that would have a better cross-country ability than Bronekhod and would surpass Raptor in armament. By the beginning of the Second Wave of the Empire Intrusion the prototype of a new machine was ready. The new walking tank was named Gryphon. In addition to the twin missile launcher taken from Bronekhod, the new walking tank got a laser and plasma guns and also Gryphon was equipped with three-barreled machine-gun for fighting infantry at short distances. The engineers managed to create a light, mobile and well armed walking tank. But the machine appeared to be very uncertain in maintenance. Very experienced experts and special equipment were required for setting up and monitoring of extremely complicated reactor control systems. Nevertheless, the machine was to add to the Protectorates armory, but its mass production was never arranged. Gryphons were actively used in the battle on Titan Mask.

The armament of the ordinary walking tank Gryphon:

-- Laser gun Light Sword LG-25, produced by Centaurus Energy Magnetic Technologies Co. This gun hits the target with a high-energy beam of coherent light. The lasers beam smelts armor, burns down inner equipment, kills crews of fighting machines and infantry. The effect of a laser shot doesnt depend on the distance. This weapon inflicts the same damage on the target at short, medium and long distances. The laser gun is more effective than a machine-gun and it is a good supplement to heavy armament.
-- Plasma gun Dragon Fire PGM-13 Mk1, produced by Star Fire Industries Corporation. This gun fires with a clot of high-temperature plasma enclosed into a magnetic cocoon. Its damaging action is a combination of the explosion power and the tremendous temperature of plasma flash. In contrast to a conventional cannon, the plasma gun doesnt require any ammunition. The unique design of Dragon Fire allows increasing its output when the power coming to it from the reactor increases.
-- Three-barreled machine-gun of 5.6 mm caliber Triplet Mk56, developed by Smith & Wesson Altair Company. This sheaf system represents 3 spread barrels (on both sides and in the nose of the machine) that are aimed by a united fire control system. Triplet uses three standard infantry machine-guns to cover with fire all space around the fighting machine. Triplet is controlled by a system of active sensors that continuously scan the space around the machine. The system works automatically. Except for Gryphon no other machines are equipped with Triplet.
-- Twin missile launcher Halberd for unguided missiles Mk12. In contrast to complex and expensive self-guided missiles, the missiles Mk12 have no guidance system. A gunner points them at a target like a cannon with the help of a telescopic sight. These missiles are widespread everywhere. Due to their cheapness, the missile launchers for missiles Mk12 are excellent weapon for machines of mass production. The missile launcher Halberd is produced by General Rocketry Tiranon Corporation.

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