Carnivore / walking tank
  Ordinary armored machine
  Ordinary walking tank
RoboGear Industries, Angerran  Monoblock:    RM-1
 Mass:   4.5 tons
 Crew:    1 person
   -- Twin missile launcher Halberd for unguided missiles Mk12.
   -- Light armor-piercing cannon ApC-20S.
   -- Plasma gun Dragon Fire PGM-13 Mk1.
1   Shoulder booster
2   Hydro-mechanical joint
3   Cockpit extra armored protection
4   Air inlet
5   Weapon mount block
6   Reactor cooling system
7   Missile launcher ring

Description / application in missions

This vehicle is a successful attempt to increase the firepower of Werewolf. Carnivore yields a little to its predecessor in armor and maneuverability, but at the same time it can seriously threaten opponents at a medium range and just crumble any enemy being so unfortunate to appear too close.

Carnivore was intended for the Protectorate regular units. This is the main fighting machine in the army. This machine differs from its predecessor, Predator mainly in armament. The vulnerable and hard in maintenance laser gun was exchanged for a light armor-piercing cannon and the heavy missiles gave place to unguided ones. Carnivores armor was reinforced so its mobility got slightly less. On the whole, this walking tank turned out a very useful machine suitable for performing a wide range of battle objectives. It became the first model of ordinary walking tank, really universal machine intended for mass application in troops. In the course of time, these cheap, simple in maintenance walking tanks became the base of the Protectorate armored troops. Carnivore is the last known model of the walking tank built on the basis of the monoblock RM-1.

The armament of the ordinary walking tank Carnivore:

-- Light armor-piercing cannon of 20 mm caliber ApC20S, produced by Solar Guns & Cannons Industries. This cannon is compact and light in weight. It is mounted on the same fastener as the Predators laser gun, so the designers avoided making a lot of alterations in the construction of the new walking tank. The experience of combat application showed that the power of the new cannon was obviously insufficient. Though the cannon ApC20S is called armor-piercing, it yields even to some models of machine-guns at short and medium distances. As a result this cannon didnt get a wide distribution and remained only in Carnivores arsenal.
-- Plasma gun Dragon Fire PGM-13 Mk1, produced by Star Fire Industries Corporation. This gun fires with a clot of high-temperature plasma enclosed into a magnetic cocoon. Its damaging action is a combination of the explosion power and the tremendous temperature of plasma flash. In contrast to a conventional cannon, the plasma gun doesnt require any ammunition. The unique design of Dragon Fire allows increasing its output when the power coming to it from the reactor increases.
-- Twin missile launcher Halberd for unguided missiles Mk12. The missiles Mk12 have no guidance system. A gunner points them at a target like a cannon with the help of a telescopic sight. These missiles are widespread everywhere. Due to their cheapness, the missile launchers for missiles Mk12 are excellent weapon for machines of mass production.

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