Bronekhod / missile launcher
  Fire support machine
  Light self-propelled missile launcher
  Light & Heavy Cybernetic Machines Co.
 Monoblock:    ---
 Mass:   1.3 tons
 Crew:    1 person
   -- Twin missile launcher Halberd for unguided missiles Mk12.
1   Hinged support
2   Operators seat
3   Reactor armored casing
4   Missile guidance system sensors

Description / application in missions

This self-propelled missile launcher is in a way a veteran of operations Bronekhod was actively used from the very beginning of the First Wave of Intrusion. Its light armor and slow speed are generously repaid by the power of its missile launcher. It is indispensable for supporting advancing infantry.

Since the First Wave of the Empire Intrusion, Bronekhod is widely used by infantry units of the Protectorate. Actually this is a self-propelled missile launcher. Too heavy to be moved from one place to another by its crew the launcher was mounted on a compact caterpillar chassis. The first models of Bronekhods were served by crews of 3 persons. The modern model of Bronekhod is equipped with a vehicle-borne computer, automatic recharge system a moderate stock of missiles is kept inside the platform hull. The control unit was designed for one person. Both the missile guidance system and the control system of the machine itself are absolutely simple and dont require a specially trained pilot. Taking into account that the pilot stands on the rotary platform, designers developed an improved interface and the system of data mapping on the pilots helmet glass to operate this machine. The light armored shield simply covers the pilot from the front. Nevertheless Bronekhod hasnt become a full-value armored machine. Its function remained the same to be a mobile weapon emplacement to come at a proper distance, to take an advantage-ground and to support infantry with its fire (it is desirable from a cover) this is a usual tactic for applying Bronekhods. So many military reference books refer this machine to light self-propelled missile launchers.

The armament of the self-propelled missile launcher Bronekhod:

-- Twin missile launcher Halberd for unguided missiles Mk12. In contrast to complex and expensive self-guided missiles, the missiles Mk12 have no guidance system. A gunner points them at a target like a cannon with the help of a telescopic sight. These missiles are widespread everywhere. Due to their cheapness, the missile launchers for missiles Mk12 are excellent weapon for machines of mass production. The missile launcher Halberd is produced by General Rocketry Tiranon Corporation. Sometimes the slots for the missile launchers made over for fastening other kinds of weapons, for example, light six-barreled machine-guns. Such modifications of Bronekhods were often found till the last battles of the Third Wave of the Empire Intrusion. But these were just field modifications such models were never produced as series. The latest model of this popular machine has the code name Bronekhod-II and carries heavy guided missiles Mk11.

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