During the First Wave of Intrusion, the Empire strategists simply regarded any camouflage as something necessary as the offensive tactic was considered the base of warfare. So all the Empire machines were painted with iron-gray color. But at the very beginning of the Second Wave of Intrusion, the Empire found itself involved in the trench warfare for which it was absolutely unready. The first, who realized the need of hiding camouflage, made sure the Empire pilots whose life in many respects depended on how well their machines were visible on the battlefield. They started independently, without any instructions from above, invent the first variants of battle camouflage to put it more precisely, they just copied the camouflage schemes of the opponent's machines.

Then the Empire Ministry of Military Affairs issued order No 181, which approved the base schemes of coloration and prescribed to apply the main color at the plants according to these schemes and the Directorate of Chief Commissary should distribute the machines taking into account the natural conditions of the planets where they were delivered to and only there camouflage patches should be applied upon the main color. But this order was not always fulfilled properly - the resistance of the opponent increased and often machines were thrown into battle directly from space-ports, sometimes a transport ship got the order to change its course and machines intended for the actions in a desert (and accordingly painted) got on a planet covered all over with black basalt rocks.

It was always accepted in the Empire armed forces to draw insignia of units and elements on the machines. When the Raid War began, raid groups also started to invent insignia for themselves (mainly grinned muzzles of different beasts of prey). Moreover they often learned about their objectives and point of destination being already aboard the transport ship, so any camouflage was of little importance and raiders began to paint their machines each in his own way. Generals didn't like this, but raiders' supervisors from the Empire Main Intelligence Service looked through fingers at the "art works" of their wards - the main thing is that the task must be carried out - the rest is unimportant.

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