Raptor Spider Demolisher
Locust Helix Thunder
Mad Bull Eraser Wild Bear
Devastator Raving Beast Super Locust
Ron "Dagger" Fulton

Ron Fulton nicknamed Dagger was one of the most famous commanders of raid groups of the Empire. Dagger Fulton didn’t fit in the framework of the military discipline. Long before the battle for Velian he gained ill repute as an anarchist. Any other in his place would finish his days on a remote prison planet long ago, but Fulton got away with everything. Wishing to get rid of the unpredictable subordinate, his commanders well regularly included him in assault groups. And every time, Dagger Fulton came back confirming his reputation of a hero and lucky devil.        

Hauptmann Lester Harrington

The officer of the Empire armored forces became famous in the battle for Velian. By the time of the battle for Teclius, he had scored 37 victories over walking tanks of the Protectorate and he was justly considered the most effective ace in the Empire. Taking into account his pilot talent and smell of powder, the Empire headquarters of armored forces appointed him the commander over the special unit, which tested new experimental machines and in particular – the prototype of the walking tank Super Locust equipped with new armament systems.          

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