Unitars.. Universal clone-fighters. Sturdy and reliable, they can act in vacuum much longer and withstand radiation much easier than people. When the Empire scientists obtained their own gene-crystal, they started growing unitars in mass. Mainly they are used in the ranks of "the first strike troops".

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His main advantage is mobility that is why he is armed with the lightest weapon, impulse submachine-gun. Riflemen are charged with swift capturing important objects and keeping them till main forces arrive.
Expert in shooting. He is armed with a sniper rifle equipped with powerful optics. He can reliably cover maneuvers of friendly riflemen or methodically and accurately destroy enemy infantry at a long approach.
Unitar-machine gunner
Being armed with powerful impulse machine-gun, he can effectively attack or provide defensive fire. Because of his bulky weapon he yields to a rifleman in mobility.
His trump is his powerful weapon. Using it he can inflict serious damage even on fighting machines not to mention enemy infantry. But he is slow while moving.
. The elite landing troops of special purpose. Best of the best. They have the latest armament and equipment. They are charged with the most important and crucial missions and sent to the hottest spots.

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hese commandos were nicknamed "Shockers" because of their weapon. They are armed with the newest Empire plasma-dischargers, menacing close combat weapon, which is dangerous for machines and deadly for infantry. At the same time the discharger is light and compact weapon and does not hamper the commandos moving especially when they have jet-boosters on their backs.
These commandos are called Hunters for their accuracy and composure. Hunter's newest automatic rifle is equipped with a lock-on system and effective at any range. The weapon does not hamper the trooper's actions and Hunter moves as fast as any other commandos.
The nickname of this commando is Slayer. His machine-gun with its small dimensions yields to the well-known weapon of T-Rex only a little. A commando would not be able to cope with it without special equipment. But having the jet booster Slayer can quickly move all over the battlefield.
Besides a great power, his heavy weapon has also a high rate of fire. Even one Sweeper is able to cause the enemy a lot of trouble especially when he is equipped with the jet booster.
Expert is a craftsman-engineer. Besides wielding any weapon, he can service and repair various unique equipment - from medical devices to chemical, nuclear and biological facilities. He also can perfectly handle communication and radio intercept systems.
Troops of Lords-Governors
Troops of Alexey Dorgorukiy
Being an ideological inspirer of the dethronement of Usurper, Alexey Dolgorukiy aspired to the leading role of the renovated Empire, but fell a victim to inner intrigues and was sent to "an honorary" exile as Lord-Governor of South-East Quadrant of the Empire - as far as possible from the center of the political life. After some time, South-East Quadrant under the guidance of Dolgorukiy virtually separated from the Inner Empire though formally it remained its part. Soon Dolgorukiy built up his own troops that were to secure the order in his sector and to protect him and his domain in the case of possible troubles with the ruling clique of the Empire.
Being a perfect military leader and a successful businessman, Dolgorukiy could excellently equip his soldiers and achieve their perfect discipline and battle training
Troops of Lord Cross
Who ever was at the helm of the Empire, Lord Cross with his inherent zeal always served the interests and might of his state. His talent as a military leader and smell of powder was called for both under Usurper Diego and under Regent Victor.
Being one of Regent's main supports, Cross has few in number, but obeying only him military units, which accompany him everywhere. Lord Cross can require and get the best armament and equipment for these units as a sign of appreciation of his outstanding talant and devotion to his native state.
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