Camouflage is a kind of war ruse where it is necessary to show wit and inventiveness. The development of typical camouflage schemes takes on special significance, as they should be different for various terrains.

The Protectorate military always followed this principle, so base schemes of coloration were developed for different natural conditions. For example, fighting machines were painted in khaki for forest areas on the planets of the Earth type then patches of different tints of yellow and brown were applied, the safari color with light-brown patches was basic for steppe regions. But there were a lot of worlds where these schemes were of no use at all. As everybody knows, the planet Orange got its name because practically all vegetation on this planet has various tints of orange and if to look at it from the space it actually looks like a ripe orange. In such places, the based there military themselves choose (often by the method of trials and mistakes) schemes of camouflage.

In times of the trench warfare of the Second Wave of the Empire Intrusion, there was found a new solution. If the upper part of a fighting machine's hull was painted with "chopped" (splinter) patches, there appeared an imaginary distortion of its silhouette that prevented a watcher from determining the type of the attacked machine and fixing the point of aim. However, little by little everything fell back into place - the camouflage lost its chopped shapes and got smooth fuzzy edges between the color tints.

It should be mentioned that the hull numbers and insignia of units were drawn on the sides of machines. When the war with the Empire started and numerous groups of mercenaries and even pirates began to join the Protectorate regular troops, in the army there appeared machines painted according to the tastes of their pilots. No lectures about the usefulness and necessity of camouflage had any effect - these adventures got into the habit of flaunting their courage and independence and by no means agreed to repaint their machines. In the course of time this "pernicious fashion" came into regular units too. Currently on the battlefield, it is possible to see both machines painted according to standard camouflage schemes and machines with images of different animals and machines painted in such a manner as if its pilot tried to use all paints he had at hand.

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