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Bronekhod Predator Carnivore
Tornado Sprut
Commander James Lehzbovsky

James Lehzbovsky was born on the planet Angerran. He graduated from the engineering faculty of the Angerran College of Applied Sciences and for a long time worked as a test-pilot of walking machines at the RoboGear Industries plants. At the age of 28 joined the reserve of Planetary Guards then graduated from a military school on Angerran. In 10 years he was conferred the rank of major of Planetary Guards.          

Iron General

This monstrous cyborg, whose unique battle programs remained still a mystery for everybody except only for him, turned into a military genius after the strike of the Empire Thunderstorm Gun at one of the Protectorate control centers of the robo-technical troops. The artificial intellect born as a result of the transient error of computer programs showed so paradoxical military talents that it was decided to preserve him and enclose into a cyborg body. Thus the Protectorate got one of its most talented commanders.          

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