Unitars. Universal are clone-fighters, which are grown by a special technology. They can remain without air for a long time. In comparison with common people, they are more able-bodied and sturdy. They are much less prone to the radiation effect. Due to such features unitars are indispensable for operations in vacuum - on asteroids and orbital stations. After Space Knights had handed over the technology of growing unitars to the Protectorate, the production of them became mass and this allowed to staff the troops of "the first strike" with unitars.

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A rifleman is the quickest of unitars. He is armed with the light impulse submachine-gun. If you need quickly get into an object and keep it till the arrival of main forces, you can boldly entrust this with riflemen, but don't forget - they cannot stand long with their light weapons.
The weapon of this unitar is a powerful sniper rifle with excellent optics. From a good position, a sniper can fire effectively preying the opponents at a long approach or covering maneuvers of friendly riflemen.
Unitar-machine gunner
His impulse machine-gun is twice more effective than the rifleman's weapon, but it is much heavier, so a machine-gunner is less mobile. But it is more then compensated by the firepower that he can rain down on the opponent.
Due to his heavy weapon, this unitar is slow. However his bazooka is a serious threat not only for infantry, but also for heavy fighting machines of the opponent. A bomber is the most dangerous when he attacks suddenly from a cover.
Protectorate rangers.. These are highly mobile fighters of new generation they were trained for fulfilling secret and particularly important operations and equipped with the latest kinds of armament and equipment.

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"Plasman" is the nickname of rangers armed with plasma-pistol. It is not so powerful as the Empire discharger, but instead it is twice quicker recharged and fired. If a ranger has a jet booster on his back, he is able almost with lightning speed to get at a short distance where the opponent won't stand up against his plasma-weapon.
Stormers are rangers armed with rapid-firing submachine-guns that are a little more powerful than the pistols of Plasmans. When equipped with the jet boosters, Stormers are as mobile as Plasmans, so their objectives on the battlefield are similar.
C-snipers or cyborg-snipers are armed with the newest rifle with the system of energy excitation. This rifle is equipped with a lock-on device. Such snipers are able to threat both infantry and machines at any range. When equipped with the jet boosters, they can quickly move across the battlefield and deal the opponent sudden fire strikes.
Bombardiers or simply bombers are armed with unique weapon, which is equipped with a lock-on system and its shells have a powerful explosive effect with rather small caliber. Besides, this weapon is light and so allows bombardiers to quickly maneuver especially when with the jet boosters.
Engineer is a universal specialist in weapons, communications, radio intercept systems and various purpose equipments. He excellently knows technology processes and production of chemical, nuclear, biological and bacteriological weapons.
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