Robogear Universe
Throughout history mankind has looked up to the stars and dreamed of one day exploring worlds other than our own. No one could have known that the pathway to the stars would become more than just the fulfillment of that dream, but the only way to rescue mankind from utter destruction

In 4451 a fleet of heavy spaceships suddenly attacked planets under the Protectorate's control. These were the descendents of the old Reconnaissance Corp the Polaris Empire as it now called itself was revealed to the universe.
The Empire's lightning fast assault on Protectorate space took the whole of the Dominion by surprise.

At the turn of the 40th century twenty four of the most developed worlds in the Dominion united into the Trade League. The League aimed to repair the network of hyper-beacons and once again bring the Dominion back together. Isolated planets paid the League to be re-connected to the rest of humanity and the League's wealth escalated as new lines of trade were established.
Open for you this page of ROBOGEAR universe, gather your forces and bring them to the victory!!! Carry out the task of the headquarters and become a hero!!! The missions, that we offer to play, will demand from you a commander talent, war ruse and strategic thinking

There are many photos of machines, troopers and buildings painted both by us and by fans of ROBOGEAR universe. You also will see pictures of professional artists who draw ROBOGEAR for you!!!

The section tells how to paint models, troopers and buildings. Step by step instructions with many photos will help you to master the technology and methods of painting miniatures.

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